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5 Most Beautiful Real Life Barbie Girls in the world


Well, how many times you have heard about the song “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world” and we all know how these Barbie dolls looks like and girls especially kids love to play with these Barbie doll.

But in today’s world, Barbie doll style become real lifestyle fashion for some beauties. Girls spend thousands of dollar in their plastic surgeries and other treatments just because they want to gain a look like Barbie Girl and other famous cartoon characters of the movies.

Don’t believe me? Check out yourself, these 5 most beautiful real Barbie girls in real world. They are not animated or statues of Barbie girls but real. People got surprise when they look at these girls and wonder if she’s even real or Photoshop?

5 Most Beautiful Real Life Barbie Girls:

#1 Valeria Lukyanova:

Meet the most beautiful 26 year old Real Barbie Girl, “Valeria Lukyanova” from Russia. People give her a tag of “Human Barbie Doll”.  With beautiful doll-like eyes, long blonde hair, huge boobs, and very tiny waist (trust me very) makes everyone marveled that they are really starring at Barbie herself. Check out her gallery.

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