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    Finally China built a bus (TEB) that beat traffic jams problems


    Traffic jams in cities are the major problem these days also most for every country. Everyone in the world trying to find out the solution to eliminate the traffic jams problem. Peoples are always looking for the easy and fastest way to go through traffic and reach their office or work place on time. but what happened next, we all know…

    CAUTION – Traffic Jam, Speed Limit: 1 km/hour :0

    Traffic Jam Funny Meme Pics

    But finally, there’s a concept that comes true in china, they built a bus that can travel over the small vehicle like cars, bikes etc. And the test was also successful.

    TEB (Transit Elevated Bus) concept in china

    According to “China Xinhua” News,  the concept of TEB (Transit Elevated Bus) is not just a concept anymore, they finally built an elevated bus that travel above the car or small vehicles in traffic.  On 2nd August 2016 they had its first road test. It happened in Qinhuangdao City, and consisted of a brake and power consumption test.

    The best part of this bus is that, it’s powered by electricity, hence it’s fully eco-friendly with nature. This elevated bus is 72 feet long and 25 feet wide and that’s enough space to roll over multiple lanes and this is the biggest advantage of this bus, it will save lots of road space.

    For now the bus can carry 300 passengers and cover the max speed of 40 miles (around 60 km) per hour and that’s enough for city traffic I guess.

    Well till now, we have to wait until the bus use for daily use. The countries like US, India, France, Brazil and more where traffic jams are the major problem in their cities, this will be the best options for them.

    And till now, if you want to escape from traffic jam problem, avoid cars use bikes!

    Traffic Jam Funny Meme Pics

    So guys, what you think about this new concept? Share your opinion in comment box.

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