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Pokemon Go: Check out these Hilarious & Amazing photography of Pokemon with Superheroes


The Pokemon Go game is his on height! If you found a crowed of people with their mobile, searching for something in the central park at night, don’t be surprise it’s the fever of Pokemon Go.

The one thing about Pokémon GO is that, its brings people together.

A feature in Pokemon Go, called lures, attract the pokemon and also users to that location. This leads people flocking up to the place and getting contact with each other. They can play this game together and that’s a good thing about this game.

Today, while scrolling in facebook, i came across these hilarious and amazing photography of Pokemon Go with these Marvel Super Heroes. These amazing &  creative photography is created by Hrjoe photography.

Check out Pokemon Go Hilarious Photography with Super Heroes

#1 Oops, Sorry, I have not seen!



#2 I don’t need the F*cking Pokeball to catch you!



#3 Why so serious? Gotta Serious ’em all!



#4 This is definitely a high risk game!



So, you like his creativity? Share these funny and hilarious photography with your friends. Did you catch any rare Pokemon? Comment the name blow!

And be safe while playing Pokemon Go. Enjoy!

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