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    These Shocking Photos will Rip Your Heart Out and Change Your Perspective On The World


    #1 Rescued

    This woman was rescued by police just seconds before her sinking vehicle was completely submerged.


    #2 Hunger

    Homeless men waiting for food outside a mosque. New Delhi, India.


    #3 Heart Transplant

    This picture was taken after a heart surgeon just completed a 23-hour heart transplant operation. Look at the nurse, fully asleep on the floor.


    #4 War

    Corporal Antonio Metruccio’s photo, moments after he survived a 72-hour long firefight in Afghanistan. Those eyes have seen things that his soul would love to forget.


    #5 Family

    On Oct. 31, 2010, 436 South Koreans were allowed to spend three days in North Korea to visit relatives. Here we see a man waving goodbye to his family member, while the other man cries. They hadn’t seen each other since the 1950/53 war.


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