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Best Food and Worst Food for Health You Should Know [Infographic]


Check out this useful infographic in which you will know about the food you should eat and what not to eat while having some health issues.

The best and worst food while sleep, when you are dieting for weight loss, which food will boost your brain capacity and which food you should not eat during suffering from cold.

Check out the infographic and know about which food is good and which food is bad for diabetes, hair loss, fighting cancer and more.

Best Food & Worst Food Infographic:

Best Food and Worst Food for Health You Should Know [Infographic]

#1 Best and Worst Food for Sleep:

Best Food  Worst Food
Banana, Honey,

Berries, Almond

Fast Food, Chicken, Pizza,

Aerated Drink, Coffee,

#2 For Anti-Ageing

Best Food  Worst Food
Nuts, Avocado,

Strawberry, Fish

Fast Food, Noodles,

Pasta, Candy, Cake

#3 For Brain:

Best Food  Worst Food
Oats, Fish, Beans & Chick Peas,

Green Vegetables, Walnuts,

Red Meat, Fast Food, Aerated Drink,

Sugary Items, Cheese

#4 Fight Cancer

Best Food  Worst Food
Broccoli, Berries, Tomato,

Lemon, Cauliflower

Doughnuts & Cake, French Fries,

Processed Meat, Chips & Cookies, Hotdog

#5 For Teeth

Best Food  Worst Food
Apple, Kiwi, Carrot,

Dairy, Onion

Alcohol, Aerated Drinks,

Citrus Fruit & Juice, Sugary Items

#6 For Cold:

Best Food  Worst Food
Garlic, Citrus Fruit, Honey,

Chicken Soup, Ginger

Dairy, Corn, Yoghurt,

Deep-fried Foods

#7 For Hair Loss

Best Food  Worst Food
Sweet Potato, Eggs, Walnut,

Spinach, Almond Butter

Alcohol, Fast Food,

Diet Soda, Sugary Items

#8 For Diabetes

Best Food  Worst Food
Cinnamon, Green Vegetables,

Walnut, Berries, Avocado

Milk, French Fries,

Sugary Items, Raisins

#9 Food for Weight Loss

Best Food  Worst Food
Apple, Green Vegetables,

Citrus Fruit, Fish, Berries

Aerated Drinks, Fast Food,

Sugary Items, Processed Meat

#10 Longevity

Best Food  Worst Food
Citrus Fruit, Green Vegetables,

Avocado, Berries, Nuts

Fast Food, Sugary Items, Deep-Fried Foods,

Aerated Drinks, Processed Meat


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