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12, 14, 17,….Find number in series – Math Puzzles for Genius


Math and Logic Puzzles – Only for Genius, find the number in series:

Find the logic behind this series of number and solve these math puzzles question given blow. This type of question you will face in aptitude test & math test in other government sector. Once you find the logic behind these puzzles, you can solve many puzzles like this.

For Hint: try to find out the relation/difference between in first three numbers and apply the logic on other numbers if its work.

Comment you answer blow before check the solution.


Find number in series - Math Puzzles Only for Genius

Find number in series

Q1.  12, 14, 17, 13, 8, __?

14, Logic; 12+2=14, 14+3=17, 17-4=13, 13-5=8, 8+6=14 and so on…

Q2.  36, 52, 70, 90, __, 136?

112, logic; 36+16=52, 52+18=70, 70+20=90, 90+22=112, 112+24=136 and so on…

Q3. 5, 9, 17, 29, 45, __?

65, Logic; 5+4=9, 9+8=17, 17+12=29, 29+16=45, 45+20=65 and so no…

Q4.  20, 19, 17, __, 10, 5?

14, Logic; -1, -2, -3, -4, -5,….

Next time, when you came across these kinds of puzzles, hope you find the logic and solve the puzzle easily. You can share these puzzles and image with your friends on facebook or whatsapp and like us for more interesting updates like this.

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