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The Bee and ant brainteaser puzzles with answer

Can you solve ‘The Bee-Ant Puzzle’? Math Puzzle with Answer [Series Puzzle #15]

Hello geniuses, Get ready for a mathematical challenge that's all about the insects – the Bee and the Ant! In this mind-bending puzzle, we'll explore the relationships between these tiny creatures...
find the total number of squares in the given figure

Find The Total Number of Squares in the given figure – Genius Puzzle Series...

Solve this brain teasers puzzles If you are a genius. In this puzzle image, you have to figure out how many squares are there. Try to find the total number of squares...

The 3 Switches and 3 Fans Puzzle – Genius Puzzle Series #24

Can you solve this genius logical puzzle? The Three switches and Three fans puzzle. Welcome to the Genius puzzle series #24. Such logical and brain teasers puzzle are asked in interviews. To solve...
Only for geniuses math puzzle. if 5+3=28, 9+1=810, then 7+3=?? Genius Math Puzzle Problems with answer.

Find if 5+3=28, then 7+3=? Only For Genius – Number Series Puzzle #4

Genius Math Puzzles problem - Solve this if you are a Genius! Take the challenge and solve this interesting math puzzle problem. Check the question below and share your answer via comments. Number...
Only for geniuses math puzzle. if 3=18, 4=32, 5=50, then 10=??

if 3=18, 4=32, 5=50, then 10=?? Only for Genius – Number Series Puzzle #3

Hello and welcome back to the number series puzzle. Another interesting "Only for Genius Math Puzzle" getting viral on social media. In these kind of puzzles you have to find out the...

2, 15, 41, 80, ? What number should come next? Number Series Puzzle #1

  Can you find out What number comes next in the series? Viral math puzzle problem with answer. Number Series Puzzle Question: 2, 15, 41, 80, ? Did you figure out the pattern and the...
funny happy birthday wishes

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend – Happy Birthday Quotes

Birthdays are a great time to show your best friend how special he or she is, and since your bestie deserves the sweetest thoughts and best wishes, here we have created...
Maths Picture Puzzles - How Many Triangles Puzzle? Brain teasers Puzzles Image. Find Total Triangles Puzzle with answer, maths puzzles pics,tricky maths Puzzles.

How Many TRIANGLES are there? Math Puzzles With Answer

Brain teasers  Math Puzzles - Find out How many total triangles are there in this puzzle image. 90% get the wrong answer. Only for Genius Math Puzzles with Answer Hello, friends, Here...

Are you smart enough? Then Find out How many Holes in T-Shirt?

Hello Geniuses, Here's an interesting puzzles you to solve. In this brainteaser puzzle, you have to find out How many holes are in this Shirt?   Are you smart enough? to solve...

Find Out ‘Correct Path Ways’? Solve these 4 Tricky Puzzles to Boost your Brain!

Hello Peoples, Here's an interesting puzzles you to Boost your Brain. Let See How's your brain navigate through it. In this Brainteaser Puzzles, You have to find the path. First end...