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90% will fail to answer this interesting social puzzle image. Difficult and confusing math puzzle image only for genius with the answer!

Hi friends, we always trying to find some interesting puzzle for you over the internet and this is one of them. Check out this social puzzle image of Facebook, google, twitter and Pinterest.

All you have to do, just find the number which replaces the question mark. Let see how much you are active on social media. have fun!

Social Math Puzzle Image:

Difficult Social Puzzle Image

Solved it? Share you answer via the comments section below before checking the answer. Share this puzzle image with your friend on your timeline, let see, if they can solve this simple puzzle.

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Let us consider:

Facebook = F,  Google = G,  Twitter = T,  Pinterest = P

Now our puzzle question become:

⇒ F + F + F = 12

⇒ G + F + T = 18

⇒ P – T = 2

⇒ G + F + P = ??

♣ 1st Equation:

3F = 12   ⇒   F = 12/4   ⇒    F = 4

♣ 2nd Equation:

G + F + T = 18    ⇒    G + 4 + T = 18    ⇒     G + T = 18 – 4    ⇒    G + T = 14

(Now, as you can see we can’t solve this further, but lets try next equation)

♣ 3rd Equation:

P – T = 2

(Now compare/add this equation with the 2nd equation i.e G + T = 14)

G + T + P – T = 14 + 2    (+T and -T cancle out with each other and we get)

G + P = 16

♣ 4th Equation:

G + F + P = ??

We don’t know the individual values of G & P here, but we know G + P = 16 (from 3rd equation) & F = 4 (from 1st equation), put their value in the 4th equation and you will get the answer.

(G + P) + F = ??    ⇒   16 + 4  ⇒  20 Ans

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