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Solve this genius logic puzzles – Only for genius Puzzles. Confusing puzzles questions.

This store owner has his own method of pricing items. You will have to find out how much a pair of underwear cost according to his method. Well, check the other items cost and compare them with each other and try to find out cost of the item you want to know.

Logic Puzzle Question:

Q) There is a clothing store. The owner has devised his own method of pricing items. A vest costs $20, socks cost $25, a tie costs $15 and a blouse costs $30. Using the method, how much would a pair of underwear cost?

Option: $30, $35, $40, $45

Solve this genius logic puzzles – Only for genius Puzzles

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$45. The pricing method consists of charging $5 for each letter required to spell the item.

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