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Solve this simple math puzzle problem! Only for genius math puzzle images for facebook and WhatsApp!

Again, simple addition and multiplication game. The equation is given below, you have to choose the correct option. If you have a different answer then option E is for you. Best of luck!

Question: 2+2(2+2×0)+2×0 = ??

Options: A) 0,   B)2,    C)6,   D)8  and  E) Your answer

Math Puzzle for Facebook:

Math Puzzles Image

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  1. C) 6
    Parentheses first. No exponents, so multiplication follows. 2×0=0, plus 2 so parentheses total is 2. At end of equation 2×0=0, so nothing to add behind parentheses. 2*(2)=4, finally add the first 2 in the equation, total is 6.

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