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Most Confusing riddle on internet: How many balls? Can you guess the correct number of balls in this puzzle image? Best Logical & viral math puzzle on the internet. 95% fail to guess the correct answer for these simple balls puzzle.

In this Puzzle, numbers of balls shown in the picture. You have to apply the logic and count, How many Balls in the Picture? Only Genius peoples can solve this puzzle. The Correct Answer & the Solution of this interesting Puzzle is given below! 😀

Let’s see how many of you can crack this genius logic puzzle.

How Many Balls? Can You Solve it?

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Got it? Now share your answer in the comment section below before check the correct answer.

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Pyramid Details:

  • Shape: Pyramid with a square base
  • Levels:
    • Base (4×4): 16 balls
    • First level: 9 balls
    • Second level: 4 balls
    • Top: 1 ball

Total Balls Calculation: 16+9+4+1=30

Correct Answer: 30 balls! 🎉

Common Mistake Alert: For those who thought it was a triangular base pyramid and got 20 as an answer, oops! This pyramid is all about that square base. Double-check the logic, and let’s unravel the mystery together. Happy puzzling! 🕵️‍♂️🔍

How many balls puzzle solution. Square Base vs Triangular Base in Balls Puzzle correct solution.


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  1. 20 is also correct as it may not be a 4 sided pyramid but a 3 sided one. so the top ball is sat on 3 which sits on 6 which sits on 10. 1+3+6+10=20.

  2. It is an interesting puzzle…but the question is misleading -> How many balls?
    There are many potential answers [are we to assume the structure is self supporting??]….How many balls…do I see? = 16. How many balls…. are needed (at a minimum?) to support this structure? Lets see: The top row is 1 ball. The next lower row can be either 3 balls or 4 balls as the top row appears to nest into the next lower row, but we are assuming the minimum so 3 balls. The next question is…how many balls would be required then to touch a row of 3 balls above…..the answer is 1 ball, so that row shows me 5 balls +1 hidden ball = 6 balls in that row. The next question then is how many balls would be needed on the bottom row to support the second row of 6 balls and all the rows above it…I see 7 balls plus how many additional balls (hidden would be required to carry the 3 rows above it?…I think the answer is 3 balls, so 7 shown +3 hidden = 10.
    Total balls = 1+3+6+10 = 20 balls.

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