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Find the logic and solve the puzzle. Which number replace the question mark? Math Puzzles only for geniuses!

Hello and welcome back, It’s puzzle time, here is an interesting and confusing math puzzle for you. Solve this tricky math puzzle and share your answer.

There are three triangles as you can see, you have to find out the logic of these number in these triangles and solve the last one. find the number which replaces the question mark and comment your answer below.

Brainteasers Math Puzzles Image:

Brainteaser Math Puzzles - Only for geniuses

Found it? ok let see what’s you got, share your answer and check here below if it’s correct or not.


First Step:

In the first triangle, there are three number on each angle (8, 3, 6) and one in the center (30). Here the first two number are multiplying with each other and then add the result to the third number, you will get the center number. check the solution below.

8 × 3 = 24

and now 24 + 6 = 30

Second Triangle: 

Same as; 4 × 7 = 28 and 28 + 21 = 49

Third Triangle: 

3 × 5 = 15

15 + A = 30,

so, A = 30 – 15 = 15

Answer 15

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Enjoy reading, take care!

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