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The Bee and ant brainteaser puzzles with answer

Can you solve ‘The Bee-Ant Puzzle’? Math Puzzle with Answer [Series Puzzle #15]

Hello geniuses, Get ready for a mathematical challenge that's all about the insects – the Bee and the Ant! In this mind-bending puzzle, we'll explore the relationships between these tiny creatures...
Number Series Puzzle, Mind game logic math puzzles. Brain games pictures

If 2*2=6 Then 5*5=?? Number Series Puzzle #10 [With Answers]

Are you ready to challenge your mathematical wits? Here's a mind-boggling number series puzzle that will put your math skills to the test. The question is simple: If 2*2 equals 6, what...
Only for geniuses math puzzle. if 3=18, 4=32, 5=50, then 10=??

if 3=18, 4=32, 5=50, then 10=?? Only for Genius – Number Series Puzzle #3

Hello and welcome back to the number series puzzle. Another interesting "Only for Genius Math Puzzle" getting viral on social media. In these kind of puzzles you have to find out the...
Genius Math Puzzle Image

The Red, Blue and Yellow Drinking Glass Puzzle – Genius Math Puzzle

Solve this red, blue and yellow glass puzzle if you are a genius! Only for genius math puzzles with the answer!! The red, blue & yellow drinking glass math puzzle. Find the...
Brainteasers Math Puzzle

Which 3 positive numbers give the same result? – Brainteasers math puzzle

Solve this genius math puzzle. Brainteasers math puzzle only for geniuses images with the answer! Hi, check out this confusing math puzzle. Question and puzzle image are given below, share your answer via...
Brainteaser Math Puzzles - Only for geniuses

3, 5 and ? – Find which number replace the question mark? Genius Brainteaser...

Find the logic and solve the puzzle. Which number replace the question mark? Math Puzzles only for geniuses! Hello and welcome back, It's puzzle time, here is an interesting and confusing math...
Maths test - Solve the problem

3+3×3-3+3 = ?? Solve this basic Math Puzzle Problem – with Answers

90% people fail to answer this simple math puzzle. Solve this math Puzzle if you are Genius! Math Puzzles only for Genius! Solve this basic math puzzle problem and comment your answer...