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Solve this “Genius puzzle series puzzle” if you are a genius. 90% of people will fail to answer this confusing and logical brain teaser. “3in1 Fruit Puzzle” Viral and Confusing math puzzle with answer!

Welcome back to Genius Puzzle Series, Puzzle #10. Another Pro level puzzle, here’s 3 in 1 crunch for you.

The puzzle is divided into three parts. Find out the value of “cherries” from Part One, “Apple” in Part Two, and “Orange”, “Banana”, and “Tomato” from Third. Now solve the last equation and figure out which number can replace the question mark?

Over to you, See you in the comment section!

Puzzle Question:

Equation 1:

⇒ 2 + 2 × 2 + 2 – 2 – 2 = Cherries = ?

Equation 2:

⇒ 9 = 90

⇒ 8 = 72

⇒ 7 = 56

⇒ 6 = 42

⇒ 5 = 30

⇒ 3 = Apple = ?

Equation: 3

⇒ Apple – Orange = 9

⇒ Cherries + Banana = 10

⇒ Banana + Tomato = 8

Equation: 4 (Last)

⇒ Apple – Banana + Orange × (Tomato, Cherrie) = ?

(check image for details)

3in1 Fruit Puzzle: Genius Puzzle Series #10

3in1 Fruit Puzzle - Viral Math Puzzle. Confusing Brainteasers math puzzles. Genius Puzzle Series. Difficult puzzle question for whatsapp and facebook.

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Correct Answer is 44


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