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95% of people will fail to answer this confusing math riddle! Solve this viral math riddle of a guy who steals $100 bill from a store! Genius Puzzle Series #24:

A riddle with a stolen $100 bill“, I found this riddle on Facebook and there was a long debate between people for the correct answer, but only certain people give the right answer! Can you find out the correct answer for this confusing riddle?

Now it’s your turn, let see, how creative your mind is. Choose the correct option from the riddle and comment your answer below.


A guy walks into a store and steals a $100 bill from the register without the owner’s knowledge.

He then buys $70 worth of goods using the $100 bill and the owner gives $30 in change.

How much money did the owner lose?

Options: $30,  $70,  $100,  $130,  $170,  or  $200.

Stolen $100 bill Riddle Image:

$100 Bill Puzzle - Genius Puzzle Series


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The correct answer is $100 Only.

The store owner loses $100 when he steals it from the register. He(thief) pays for $70 worth of goods with that stolen $100 bill and receives $30 back in change ($70 + $30 = $100) before leaving the store.

Now things to consider here’s that the store owner got back the original $100 bill which was stolen by the thief but lost the value of goods ($70) and change of $30.

Still, confuse? check this out!

Suppose the thief entered the store with $0 and when he comes out from that store, he had $70 of goods and $30 in cash, total $70 + $30 = $100 of value. The store is only out 100 bucks no matter what.

Forget everything happened in the store but someone loses $100 in store and who’s that? of course the store owner, that’s it! 😉


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  1. 200 thats a tough one, and most ppl would likely say 100 or 170, but i beleive the Correct answer is 200. why ? because he lost out on the initial 100 stolen, then and additional 70 of goods bought with the original stolen 100, then gives back 30 in change. so hes actually out 200. for the original 100, plus the 70 bought with stolen money then giving change..

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