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95% of people answer it wrong. Solve this confusing lady and shopkeeper fake bill puzzle. Only for genius puzzle question with the answer.

Solve this interesting puzzle question which is creating lots of confusion on Facebook. Check out the question below and choose the correct option. Let’s find out how many of you can crack this simple puzzle. Best of Luck!


A lady buys goods worth $20 from a shop. (shopkeeper is selling the goods with zero profit).

The lady gives him $100 bill. The shopkeeper doesn’t have a change of $100 bill so he gets the change from the next shop and keeps $20 for himself and returns $80 to the lady.

Later the shopkeeper of the next shop comes with that $100 bill saying “it’s duplicate” and takes his money back.
How much LOSS did the shopkeeper face?

⇒ Options: $20, $80, $100, $120, $180 and $200

Lady and Shopkeeper Puzzle Image

Lady and Shopkeeper Brainteaser Math Puzzle

So, how much the shopkeeper lose? Share your answer in the comment section below, let our readers own about it or keep scrolling for the answer.









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The shopkeeper lose $100 (Answer)

Solution 1:

The first thing is that the second shopkeeper has no role in this puzzle, it’s just there to create confusion. Because whatever he (the 1st shopkeeper) trade with the 2nd shopkeeper, he got back.

Now just think like that, A lady enter the shop with no value (fake bill = zero value) and when she comes out from the shop she has goods worth $20 and $80 in cash, total = $100 worth

So, again

Lady Enter = 0 value

Lady Out = $100 worth ($20 goods + $80 cash)

Now just think about it, somebody loses money in the shop and who’s that guy?

Of course, the shopkeeper

And how much money did he lose?

The $ 100 bill.

Got it? Simple right? and for those who didn’t understand the simple one, here is the second solution.

Solution 2:

Loss of 1st shopkeeper = (Profit of the lady + Profit of the 2nd shopkeeper)

Profit of the lady = $20 (for goods) + $80 (for the change) = $100

Profit of the second shopkeeper = $0 (as he got his money back)

So the loss of the shopkeeper is = 100 + 0 = $100


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