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Solve this simple but confusing math puzzle. 90% will fail to answer this viral math puzzle! Only for genius puzzles Images!

Hi friends, This is your IQ Test. Solve this simple math puzzle, no confusion, simple addition, multiplication and subtraction game. I’m sure you can easily crack this puzzle.

Question: 2+2×2+2-2-2 = Cherry

Options: A) 2,  B) 3,  C) 4 and D) 6

Cherry Math Puzzle Image:

Cherry Math Puzzle Image

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If your answer is 6, Forget about the trick of this puzzle, first you should really have to improve your basic math skills. Don’t worry that’s why we create such puzzle so you’ll learn it with fun.

According to Order of Operation in Math: Solve Bracket first then Division/Multiplication and then Addition/Subtraction. So here, we will do the multiplication first. Let see what we got.

Question: 2+2×2+2-2-2 = Cherry

Solution: 2+(2×2)+2-2-2 = Cherry

⇒ 2+(4)+2-2-2

⇒ 6+2-2-2 (Now you can do whatever you want, you’ll get the same result)

⇒ 8-2-2

⇒ 8-4 = 4 = Cherry

So, Cherry = 4

Now, we have to choose the correct option. Do we have 4 in the given options? Yes of course we have. So Is your answer 4? If YES! then you are the one of many who trapped in this puzzle.


If you noticed there are two cherries in the question, mean while in options there are only one and this is the trick of this puzzle.

In options, they are only asking for the value of single cherry.

So if two cherries = 4, then

One Cherry = 4/2 = 2

So, the correct answer is 2

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