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Hello Puzzle Lovers, Here an interesting puzzle you to solve. In this Fruit Puzzle, You have to find the value of the 4th equation. Three equation is given above. You have to find the value of Banana, Cherry and Apple. And then Solve the Last Equation. 

It’s not that simple as you think quite it is? Observe the Puzzle picture carefully First and then solve.

Only For Geniuses : Cool Math Puzzles  

Solve this puzzles and let’s see you are genius or not? If your answer is not Correct. Don’t worry Solution is given Below.

Banana + Cherry  x  Apple = ??  Solve it Geniuses!!


Got it Right??  Tell us the Answer in Comments!!! 😀 😀 

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Equation (1)

Banana + Banana = 30            ( Banana= b)

b + b = 30

b = 15

Banana = 15


Equation (2)

2 Cherry + 2 Cherry = 20        (Cherry = c)

2c + 2c = 20

4c = 20

c = 5

Cherry = 5


Equation (3)

Apple + Apple = 8                   (Apple = a)

a + a= 8

a = 4

Apple= 4


Equation (4)

Banana + Cherry  x  Apple = ? 

15 + 5 x 4 = ?                                  (First Multiplication then Addition)

15 + 20 = 35




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