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Only for Geniuses Math Puzzles with solution – Solve this Maths Puzzles!

Hello, Friends! Welcome to our puzzles category. Here an another interesting and logic math puzzle for you. Solve this math puzzle only for genius.

Find the logic behind these series of number. Check the question and puzzle image below!

Question: if 111=12,  112=24,  113=35,  114=46,  115=57,  then 117=??

Math Puzzles Image – Only for Geniuses:



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Answer: 79

>Consider a number ‘ABC’, check the last digit of this number i.e. ‘C’ which became your first digit of the answer and

what we get if we add the A+B+C, and that becomes your second digit of the answer

>In number 112, C = 2 (your first digit of ans.)

and 1+1+2 = 4  (your second digit of ans.). So we get 24

>So, for 117, C = 7 and 1+1+7 = 9, So we get 79 (Answer)

>Overall calculation shown below:

111 = 13

112 = 24

113 = 35

114 = 46

115 = 57

116 = 68 (skipped in image for puzzle)

117 = 79

So answer is 79

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