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Can you solve this simple math puzzle question? This question asked in many aptitude tests, you have to fill the boxes with the given numbers to make the equation correct, Simple.

Q. [] + [] + [] = 30

Fill the boxes using (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15). Well condition is, you can also repeat the numbers.

Check the Hint, if you’re not able to solve this equation.


There is no solution to this question using normal methods. Mathematically if we are targeting to put only the number into the box then, its impossible. Because for Natural Number system
Odd + Odd = Even,
Odd + Even = Odd,
Even + Even = Even.
So, Odd + Odd + Odd = Even + Odd = Odd.
And here it is given as 30.

This problem can be solved by using trick method. But before you check the answer, why don’t you try it out yourself. Find the trick, but make it simple and small!

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Check your answer here:


Using trick methods; Well there are many ways, but we will have to find out the simple and small solution. And here, we can use these tricks to solve this math puzzles question. Well, if you noticed, there is no such conditions that we can’t use decimal, factorial, etc.

  1. Use the decimal (the best solution for this puzzle): 11.3 + 15.7 + 3 = 30  OR   5.3 + 9.7 + 15 =30 (or, may be more solutions)
  2. Use the factorial function in your answer: 11 + 13 + 3! (1*2*3, which equals 6) = 30, OR  9 + 15 + 3! = 30
    Here 3!=3*2*1=6.

Well, there are many more methods to solve this math puzzles. if you have one share it in the comment box.


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