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Math Puzzles Question with answer – Only for Genius Puzzles Series #18

Solve this puzzle if you are genius:

Welcome to a mathematical journey where numbers unfold a captivating puzzle! In this brain-teasing challenge, we’re exploring a series that demands more than just basic arithmetic. Dive into the numeric patterns and let’s decipher the code together. 90% of people answer this puzzle wrong. Are you up for the challenge? Let the math adventure begin! you will have to find out the value of “N” from the series and then solve the given equation.

These types of math puzzles asked in bank or other Gov. Exams. In exams you will get only 1 minute for one question, or many be less, but here; take your time and comment your answer in comment box.

Puzzle Question:

If 26, 52, 104, 208, N, 832, 1664.

Then N – 16 × 0 =?


A: 416, B: 410, C: 400, D: 0

Math Puzzles Question with answer – Only for Genius Puzzles 18


Cracking the Code: Observing the given series, it becomes apparent that each number is obtained by multiplying the previous one by 2. For instance, 26 × 2 = 52, 52 × 2 = 104, and so on. Applying this pattern, we find that N is 208 × 2, resulting in N = 416.

Now, let’s tackle the second part of the puzzle: N – 16 × 0. According to the BODMAS rule, we perform the multiplication first, leaving us with N – 0. The final result is, unsurprisingly, N.

And then N–16 x 0 => N-0 = N => 416. (Apply “BODMAS” rule).

The Correct Answer: Applying the series pattern and mathematical rules, the correct answer is A: 416.

Congratulations, math sleuth! You’ve successfully navigated through the twists and turns of this numeric puzzle adventure. Share this challenge with friends, family, or fellow puzzle enthusiasts, and let them join in the fun of unraveling mathematical mysteries. Stay tuned for more brain teasers and puzzle thrills! 🧠✨ #MathPuzzle #NumberSeries #BrainTeaser

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