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Logic Puzzles Question only for genius with answer

The Chiming Clock Puzzle: A clock chimes 5 times in 4 seconds. [Series Puzzle...

Logical Clock Puzzle Question: Can you solve this Tricky Puzzle – Genius puzzle question with solution. Tick-tock, tick-tock! Ever wondered about the rhythmic dance of a chiming clock? In this brain-teasing puzzle,...
Math Puzzles Only for Genius. Solve this if you are Genius

Find “A”, Then 3+3×0+A=? – Math Puzzle Only for Genius [Series Puzzle #19]

Finding number or letter in series - Math Puzzles Only for Genius. Solve this if you are Genius! Embark on a brain-twisting adventure with our latest series puzzle – designed exclusively for...
Math Puzzles Question with answer – Only for Genius Puzzles 18

Find “N” Then N-16×0=? – Math Puzzles Question with Answer [Series Puzzle #18]

Math Puzzles Question with answer – Only for Genius Puzzles Series #18 Solve this puzzle if you are genius: Welcome to a mathematical journey where numbers unfold a captivating puzzle! In this brain-teasing...
The Chocolate Puzzle - Only for genius math puzzle with answer.

Cracking the Chocolate Puzzle: How Many Can You Get for $15? [Series Puzzle #14]

Get ready for a sweet challenge that's more than just a treat for your taste buds! We present a puzzling scenario involving chocolates, wrappers, and a clever shopkeeper. If you're a...
find the total number of squares in the given figure

Find The Total Number of Squares in the given figure – Genius Puzzle Series...

Solve this brain teasers puzzles If you are a genius. In this puzzle image, you have to figure out how many squares are there. Try to find the total number of squares...
Only for geniuses math puzzle. if 5+3=28, 9+1=810, then 7+3=?? Genius Math Puzzle Problems with answer.

Find if 5+3=28, then 7+3=? Only For Genius – Number Series Puzzle #4

Genius Math Puzzles problem - Solve this if you are a Genius! Take the challenge and solve this interesting math puzzle problem. Check the question below and share your answer via comments. Number...
The Santa Math Puzzle - Viral Puzzle Image. Solve this brainteasers math puzzle. Confusing puzzle image. check out the correct answer.

The Santa Puzzle: Find the value of Gifts – Math Puzzle with Solution

Best confusing brainteasers math puzzle images. Solve this Santa math puzzle image. Viral puzzle image with the correct answer. Yup! the puzzle guy is back. Here is another confusing Santa puzzle for this...
Viral Math Puzzle

The Gun, Bullet and Money – Viral Facebook Math Puzzle

Can you solve this viral facebook math puzzle? The gun, bullet and money puzzle only for geniuses! As usual find the value of Gun, Bullet, and Money of this puzzle image and...
Number Lock Puzzle Image

Can you solve this number lock puzzle 682? – Genius Brainteasers Puzzles

Solve this genius combination lock puzzle! Number lock puzzle 682 with the answer! I always looking for challenging puzzles over internet and here I found this awesome logical puzzle for you. Let's find...
Maths Puzzle Image

If 9=10 & 3=Apple, Then Apple-8×0+2 = ?? Solve this difficult maths puzzle problem

Solve this genius maths puzzle problem! 95% of people will fail to find the answer to this brain teaser maths puzzle! https://youtu.be/hzj5ib5RE80 Getting expert day by day? Here is our another genius maths...