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Solve this interesting Number Series Puzzle if you are a genius.

There are lots of puzzle questions all over the internet with full of logic. While browsing today, I came across an interesting puzzle ‘Find the missing character – Genius at work’. In this puzzle, you will have to find out the missing number & letter of a series.

Don’t be in hurry, find the logic and solve the puzzle. And YES! Comment your answer before you check the solution. Let’s see how genius you are! 😉

Find the missing character Puzzle Question:

B2, D4, H8, ??, E32, A64…

Puzzle Image:

B2, D4, H8, ??, E32, A64 find the missing character puzzle

Did you found the logic behind this puzzle question? Comment below and then match your answer here;

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Correct Answer is G16 – the number are multiplied by 2;

And for letter: If the number is a 2-digit number, add the digits together until it become 1-digit number (For eg. if you got 95, then 9+5 ⇒ 14 ⇒ 1+4 ⇒ 5) and the letter are corresponds to the number. (For eg. 1=A, 2=B & so no..)


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Enjoy and Take care!

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