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Solve this genius math puzzle! Difficult Logic math puzzle image only for geniuses with the solution!

Hi, Here is an another interesting logic puzzle for you guys. In this puzzle, you will have to find out the value of these given browsers images and put their value in the last equation and solve it.

Check this puzzle question and image below and share your answer in the comment section. Best of luck!


⇒ Chrome + Chrome + Chrome + Chrome  =  Firefox + Firefox + Firefox

⇒ Chrome + Chrome + Chrome + Chrome – Firefox – Firefox  =  Opera

⇒ Firefox + Firefox + Firefox – Opera – Opera  =  4

⇒ Firefox + 2 Opera × Chrome  =  ??

Browser Puzzle Image:

Viral Puzzle Image

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From 1st and 2nd equation you will understand that Firefox and Opera are equal.

And from 3rd equation, you will find the value of Firefox = 4 = Opera

Put the value of Firefox in 1st equation and you will get the value of Chrome

⇒   4 Chrome = 3 Firefox    ⇒   4 Chrome = 12  ⇒  Chrome = 12/4 = 3

∴ Chrome = 3, Firefox = Opera = 4

Last Equation:

⇒ Firefox + 2 Opera × Chrome  =  ??

⇒ 4 + 8 × 3  ⇒  4 + 24  ⇒  28 Answer.


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