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Take the challenge and solve this Genius Level Math Puzzles – 95% of people answer this puzzle wrong! Math Puzzles Only for Genius with Answer

These puzzles, reserved for the sharpest minds, present a unique challenge – finding two solutions that are interconnected. Make a mistake in the first step, and unraveling the puzzle becomes a tricky feat. Your answers must align with the given options to emerge victorious.

In this particular math puzzle, your task is to determine the value of “A” from the provided number series. Once you’ve cracked that code, plug in the value of A for the second step of the puzzle and solve the equation. Navigate through the options and choose the correct answer to conquer this brain-teasing challenge. Check out the puzzle question below and let the mental gymnastics begin! 🤓🔢✨

Genius Math Puzzles Question:

Find “A” from series: 4, 27, A, 33, 16, 36 and

Then solve A – 4 + 3 × 0 + 1 = __?

Options: (A) 1,  (B) 7, (C) 9, (D) 12

Math Puzzles Only for Genius with Answer Series Puzzle

Found the answer? Drop your solution in the comment box below.

Didn’t spot your answer among the options? Perhaps the first step needs a closer look. For a helpful nudge: Explore the relationship between the first and second numbers, then the 3rd and 4th, 4th and 5th, and so forth. Identify the pattern and see what the difference is. I’m confident you’ll crack it this time. Take your time!

Need confirmation? The answer awaits you at the end of the post.

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7 Answer: In the first step, number of series is following the rule of addition and subtraction of +23 & -17. Check out: 4+23 = 27, now 27-17 = 10, 10+23 = 33, 33-17 = 16 and so on. So we have A = 10.

Now put the value of A in equation, we get; 10 – 4 + 3 x 0 + 1 => 11 – 4 + 0 => 7 Answer

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