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Deep affection or infatuation, admiration or obsession, love has ample amounts of definitions none of which can be categorized as wrong or right. It’s a burden to some, a blessing to others, indecipherable to most, and forgiving to none.

Love has a tendency to reach you in mysterious and unexpected ways that leave you in awe. What’s so mystifying is how love is such a broad spectrum that means different things in different situations and for different people.

The love for family is different from the love you have for a partner or spouse. When a relationship is healthy and respectful, it blooms like a flower and radiates life.

Love can be a unique but scary experience for anyone but especially for those who have seen their fair share of failed relationships or have been through toxic relationships themselves. This makes it a lot harder to imagine love as something real and true and not just a grand, elaborate deception.

We learn how to make mistakes and how to grow from the lessons we learn from those mistakes, we take baby steps to become better people and help our significant others understand our needs more through communication. We build the trust that we had long forsaken and abandoned in the depths of our hearts.

Love can also be a double-edged sword, healing some while hurting others. Some say it is impossible not to hurt the person you love or the one who loves you because love becomes one’s greatest strength and most vulnerable weakness at the same time. It can give us the mental strength we need in tough times.

People have been known to make it out of life-or-death situations by the power of love and true love alone. Today, we’re looking at some relationship quotes that sum up what love between couples is all about.

20 Sweet Couple Quotes About Love and Relationships

  1. “We’re a mess, you and I, but the truth is, you captivate me in ways no soul ever will.”- Perry Poetry
  2. “You are my favorite feeling”- Unknown
  3. “I love you endlessly”- Unknown
  4. “A sky full of stars and he was staring at her.”- Unknown
  5. “Perfection is found in accepting your imperfections”.- Bridgett Devoue
  6. “You can be homesick for people too.”- Unknown
  7. “I’ll tell the stars about you.”- Unknown
  8. “I fell for you and I’m still falling.”- Unknown
  9. “And in the middle of my chaos, there was you.”- Unknown
  10. “I’m always tired but never of you.”- Unknown
  11. “Souls don’t meet by accident.”- Unknown
  12. “ He looked at her the way she needed to be looked at like the whole world could crumble and he wouldn’t blink.”- Atticus
  13. “ Now that I know you exist, how could I not love you.”- Unknown
  14. “What I feel for you doesn’t even have a name.”- Unknown
  15. “ I wish that you saw the you that I see.”- Unknown
  16. “ Let’s meet again for the first time.”- Unknown
  17. “Even in a crowded room, I’d only look at you.”- Unknown
  18. “ Our secret moments in a crowded room, they got no idea about me and you.”- Taylor Swift
  19. “ Love makes the shy brave and the brave shy.”- Unknown
  20. “ You walk in and my heart beats differently.”- Unknown

Hopefully, this collection of quotes was able to blossom or reignite passions long lost and show you how beautiful a meaningful connection with someone can be. After all, emotions are never easy to deal with.

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