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When it comes to yoga we all think about getting flexibility and inner peace at the same time. But yoga lifestyle is not all about getting green smoothies at once.

It creates lots of awkward and frustrating moments that encourage us to stop it now. Here are some funny yoga illustrations that will describe your true pain as a new yogi.

Funny Yoga Memes

Maybe you’re an expert yogi and not facing these yoga situations now. But these funny laughter-creating yoga illustrations are what every yogi goes through once.

Let’s enjoy where we have been once or maybe going through. 😉

#1. Come on Inner Peace

Funny yoga pics to describe your first day in yoga studio. Yoga Memes.
Credit: Home-Spun-Around

#2. Just Relax Pose

Funny yoga Illustrations to describe your first day of yoga class with instructor. Funny yoga memes.

#3. Kill-Me Funny Yoga Pose

This is how you feel in your first yoga class. Funny yoga memes.
Credit: Cheezburger

#4. Screw Your Words

Funny yoga pics that will express your pain from your first yoga class. Funny yoga memes.

#5. Perfect Time To Make My Schedule 😉

Was that you? Funny yoga illustrations that will show your experiences about first yoga class.

#6. Please Unlock My flexible Body

Funny yoga illustrations about your first yoga class that will express your true pain of practicing yoga. Funny yoga memes
Credit: Pinterest

#7. Acting Like My Pets

Funny yoga images that will share true picture of first yoga experiences. Fun yoga.

#8. Screw-Me Man!

Funny yoga memes that are so true for people practicing yoga for the first time. Funny yoga images.

What do you think about these fun yoga illustrations? Happened to you?

Make them your Instagram story to express your first yoga class experience. Connect with us for more funny stories.

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