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Solve this logic puzzle question! 95% of people will fail to answer this genius level puzzle – Puzzles Only for Geniuses with the answer!

Hey puzzle enthusiasts! Ready for a brain teaser that stumped even my clever friends? Let’s see if you can crack it and claim your genius status!

I tossed this mind-twisting puzzle to my pals, and let me tell you, the reactions were priceless! They thought they had it, but alas, wrong turn!

Now, here’s where you come in – I bet you can crack this code. It’s all about figuring out your spot in a race. Imagine you’re in a race with three other folks. You overtake the second-to-last person. Now, where does that put you in the race? Think you know? Drop your answer in the comments before peeking at the solution – let the race begin! 🏎️💡🤔

Q. You are running a race with three persons. You overtake the second last person, what position are you in NOW?

Options: A) 1st,  B) 2nd, C) 3rd

Logic Puzzle Question Image:

Logic Puzzle Challenge - Race Position Riddle


Got it? Share your answer in comment section below and for answer, keep scrolling..















If you thought you landed in the 2nd position, don’t worry—you’re not alone! Many get caught in this tricky puzzle. The correct answer is actually the 3rd position.

Explanation: Since you’re racing with three people, there are a total of four runners. When you overtake the second-to-last person (the third person), you slide into the 3rd position.

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