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Solve this Picture Puzzles Image – Genius Math and Brainteasers Puzzles

Hello, Friends! Solve this image puzzle if you are a genius. In this puzzle there are three images given; football, watch and fan. You will have to find out of each value and then solve the given equation at the end of the image.

let see what’s your answer is. Share your answer through comments.

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Got it? let see what you get.


Answer: 4

Well, there is a trick behind this puzzle too. If you check the image carefully, then you will find some changes in the last equation of this puzzle.

>>First Step:

In this step, consider Football = B

Therefore, B + B + B = 18,   3B = 18,  B = 6 (with six black spots)

If you noticed, there are six black spots in the football in first equation but in last equation, there are only three black spots. Which mean, for last equation Football value will be, B = 3 

>> Second Step:

Second equation has three watches, but check their times 3 O’clock, So 3 + 3 + 3 =9.

But in last equation, the time is 2 O’clock. So watch value in W= 2 for the last step

>>Third Step:

Three Fans, each fan have three wings. But in the last step, there are only 2 wings, So F = 2

>>Fourth Step:

Therefore; put all values in this equation W x B – F =?,

∴ 2 × 3 – 2 = 4

Answer: 4


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