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Solve this interesting math puzzle image! 90% will fail to answer this simple puzzle!

Hi guys! Here is a simple math puzzle problem for you. Just addition, nothing else. Follow the instruction and share your result in comment box before you check the solution.

Math Puzzle Question:

Q.) Make this without a calculator or paper, just your mind;

⇒ You have 1000,

⇒ add 40,

⇒ add 1000,

⇒ add 30,

⇒ again add 1000,

⇒ add 20,

⇒ again 1000,

⇒ add 10

What is the result?

Math Puzzles Image:

Maths Puzzles Images

Got it? Share you answer below and then check the answer! Keep scrolling for answer or solution.









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Did you get 5000? This time use calculator and let me know what you got! We have lot of space in comment section and it’s all yours 😉

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