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95% will fail to answer this genius puzzle – Time to solve this genius math puzzle – Only for Geniuses Puzzles Image

Hello friends, here we have another genius level puzzle. Its’s time to defuse the puzzle. As you can see there is a time bomb, smoke grenade (white), and a Frag (green). Find their values and solve the last equation of the puzzle.

Share your answer via comments, let see how genius you are.

Confusing Math Puzzle Image:

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Got it? Let see what you got through comments. You can check your answer at the end of the post. Share this puzzle image with your friends on facebook and WhatsApp. Let see if they can solve this interesting math puzzles or not.

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9 Answer

Solution: Let us consider;

Let us consider; Time Bomb = T, Smoke Grenade (White) = S, and Frag(Green Grenade) = F

The value of T = 10 in the first equation. (As you can see, the timer on the bomb is also Ten)

From third equation: F  – T = 10  => F =  10 + T => 10 + 10 => 20, Therefore; F = 20

Now put value of F in second equation: S + F + F = 45   =>   S + 40 = 45    =>   S = 45 – 40  =>  S = 5

Now last equation:

⇒ S + F ÷ T = ?

As we know, S = 5, F = 20, but as you can see the timer on the bomb is 5 in last equation, which means the value of T = 5

Now apply BDMAS rule (According to this rule, you will have to solve the Division first in last equation)

So, 5 + 20 ÷ 5 = ?  ⇒  5 + 4 ⇒ 9 Ans.

If there is something I missed, feel free to share your thought in the comment box.

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