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95% of people will fail to answer this fruit puzzle – Genius Maths Puzzles Image with Answer!

This one is not that easy as you think, yes, of course, there is a trick behind this puzzle. Find the value of these fruits and solve the last equation in the image.

Check the puzzle image carefully, if you want to solve this interesting puzzle image. Share your answer via comments.

Fruit Brain Teasers Puzzles Image:

Apple, banana & Coconut Puzzle - Fruit brain teaser puzzles

Found the answer? Let see if you are correct or not. Check your answer below:


>>First Step:

3 Apples = 30, therefore; one Apple = 10

>> Second Step:

consider Bananas = B, & Apple = A

Therefore; A + B + B = 18   ⇒   A + 2B = 18   ⇒  10 + 2B = 18  ⇒  2B = 8  ⇒ B = 4

Bananas = 4, but if you noticed there are four bananas, so 1/banana

>>Third step:

Bananas – coconuts = 2,

4 – Coconuts = 2, Coconuts = 2

One Coconut = 1 (because there are two coconuts)

>>Fourth Step:

One coconut + Apple + 3Bananas = ??

Therefore; 1 + 10 + 3(1) = 14 Ans

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