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Can you solve this puzzle? Genius Math Puzzles – Only for Genius with Answer

Hey Math Whizzes! 🧠✨ Ready to flex those brain muscles? Here’s a fun and friendly math puzzle challenge just for you!

Delve into this series puzzle that’s simple yet packed with logic – perfect for the genius in you. Can you crack the code behind these calculations? Give it a shot!

Genius Math Puzzles Question:

  • 2×2=42,
  • 2×4=86,
  • 6×3=1812,
  • 4×5=2016,
  • 7×2=__??

Math Puzzles - Solve if you are Genius - With Answer

Piece of cake, right? Drop your answer in the comments and share this image with your pals. Let’s see if they can unravel the mystery behind this math puzzle! Don’t forget to stay connected with us on Facebook for more mind-bending updates in the future.


Logic: First, multiply the numbers and then subtract the first digit from the answer. For 7×2, we get 14; now subtract the first digit of LHS from 14 (14 – 7), and voila! We get 147.

Keep those math gears turning, and enjoy the puzzle-solving adventure! 🤓🔢 #GeniusMathChallenge #BrainTeasers #PuzzleMasters

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