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Hello Peoples, Here’s an interesting puzzles you to Boost your Brain. Let See How’s your brain navigate through it.

In this Brainteaser Puzzles, You have to find the path. First end is connected to the last end. You have to choose which is the correct combination. You have to find the correct ways to reach to the accurate goal.

Solve these Four “Find Out the Correct Path Ways Puzzles?”


Water TAP and PIPE – Brainteaser Puzzles:

In this brainteaser, Four water Taps is connected to pipes. Through the pipes water flows and One pipe is going into the proper bucket. You have to find out which Pipe is connected to correct Tap?

There is 4 options is given, you have to find the correct one. 


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Answer = 2

Smartphone & Charger Brainteaser Puzzle :

In this brainteaser puzzle, Three chargers is given and one is connected to the phone. You have to Find Out Which Charger is connected to the smart phone? Choose the correct option. 


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Answer = C

Test Your Brain: RAT and CHEESE Puzzles:

In this brainteaser, You have to find out the correct path for rat, to reach to Cheese? There are 3 paths, you have to tell us which one is the correct one.  


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Answer = 3

Cold Drink & Straw Brainteaser :

Find Out Which ‘Straw’ is into the Cold Drink?? There are 6 straws are given, but one is into Cold Drink. You have to find which one is into the Cold Drink. 


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Answer = 6

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