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17 Yoga poses for beginner. Easy and simple yoga poses for a quick start.

Yoga Poses for Beginners: 17 Yoga Poses to Start Easy [Infographic]

I've recently begun practicing yoga, and it's been quite a transformative experience for me. My body is undergoing some amazing changes – I'm becoming more flexible, feeling healthier and stronger, staying...
Yoga and meditation quotes to keep you encouraged for satvic lifestyle.

50 Meditation Quotes: Short, Inspirational & Relaxing

Struggling to sit and relax in meditation? Here are some powerful meditation quotes from famous influencers and yogis that will strengthen your mind.  Meditation is practiced all over the world in different...
Funny yoga Illustrations to describe your first day of yoga class with instructor. Funny yoga memes.

8 Funny Yoga Illustrations To Describe Your First Day

When it comes to yoga we all think about getting flexibility and inner peace at the same time. But yoga lifestyle is not all about getting green smoothies at once. It creates...
5-minute plank workout for strong Core, Abs, Chest, Butt, and lower back. Plank workout for beginners. Full body plank workout challenge.

5-minute Plank Workout for Abs, Chest, Butt, Back & Core [infographic]

Want to strengthen your core, chest, butt and back with simple and easy to do exercise? Then these 4 Plank workout for 5 minutes every day gives you the best result...
6 things never do after eating

These 6 things you should Never do After Eating Food [Infographic]

6 Things we should never do after having a meal. For a healthy life, we have to avoid doing these things after eating food! Hi, Today's health benefit tips for you. Taking care...
Quick Full Body Workout at Home for Beginners. Total Body Workout Routine without Equipment. Beginners Workout Routine.

The No Excuses Full Body Workout You Can Do at Home

A 10 to 20-minute full-body workout is a good way to do something good for yourself and experience health benefits at the same time. Benefits of the 10-20 Minute Full Body Workout: ...
Anti-aging fruits for younger looking skin. Anti-aging foods for skincare. how to remove wrinkles stop aging. Best foods for anti-aging and when to eat for best result.

24 Anti-aging Food & Fruits for Younger Looking Skin [Infographic]

To keep your skin youthful and healthy you choose various expensive anti-aging treatment. But do you know the most powerful tool to stay young? It's Nature! That we ignore most of the...
how to empty your bowels fast naturally. overnight colon cleanse.

How to Cleanse Your Colon Fast Every Morning? Effective DIY Drink

Completely natural drink that boosts metabolism, helps to lose weight and detoxify your body. In order to clean colon, your body needs to remove harmful toxins every day. Somewhere, the modern comfortable...
Flab to Flat Belly Workout Challenge. Best workout to get a flat belly. 15 minute belly flat exercise. Belly fat workout for beginners.

How to Get a Flat Stomach? 15-Minute Flat Belly Workout Challenge

Worry about your fat stomach? Accept this 15-minutes flat belly workout challenge to strengthen your abdominal and muscles. These are the best workout to get a flat stomach which you can do...

6 Secret Drinks for the Prettiest Skin of Your Life

A time come in everyone life when we see one of the prettiest face and says, “What they use for their glowing skin and health”. Well! For that, you need to reconsider...