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Solve this genius combination lock puzzle! Number lock puzzle 682 with the answer!

I always looking for challenging puzzles over internet and here I found this awesome logical puzzle for you. Let’s find out if you can solve this puzzle or not.

In this puzzle, a number lock has 3 digit key and you will have to find out the correct combination to open the lock. The hints for this puzzle are given. best of luck!

Question: Crack the number lock code.


⇒  6, 8, 2  –  One number is correct and well placed.

⇒  6, 4, 5  –  One number is correct but wrong place.

⇒  2, 0, 6  –  Two numbers are correct but wrong places.

⇒  7, 3, 8  –  Nothing is correct.

⇒  7, 8, 0  –  One number is correct but wrong place.

Number Lock Puzzle Image:

Number Lock Puzzle Image

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The correct answer is 0, 5, 2.


⇒ In the first two hints, the six is eliminated because it’s in the same position and from the fourth hint, number 8 is eliminated, therefore, in first clue 2 number is correct and well placed i.e placed in last.  ( _ _ 2 )

⇒ From 3rd and 5th clues, you will find your next number i.e Zero (0), but wrong placed. But as we know, that the last digit is 2, So in the 3rd hint, Zero (0) will be at first. ( 0 _ 2 )

⇒ Now only one digit left and you can find this one from the second clue (6, 4, 5). 6 is not our digit, now 4 and 5 left but as mentioned, one number is correct but wrong placed, i.e. 5,

So the lock combination is 0, 5, 2 Answer.

Is your answer is correct? congrats!


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