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Take the challenge of this Mind Puzzle Trick! Brain Teasers and Mind-Reading Puzzles!

Hello, welcome back. This puzzle is very easy and follows a simple Math logic behind it. I use to play with this mind-reading puzzle in my childhood. Hope you already heard about it or if not, it will be fun.

In this puzzle, you will have to think about a number and I will guess, what you will get in the end. Take the challenge and try to find out the logic behind it. Check the question & puzzle image blow.


Think about a number,

Now multiply it with 2,

Add my number 6,

Now divide it with 2.

Now, whatever you get, subtract the number you choose first from it.

And now you have 3. Right??

Mind Reading Puzzles Tricks

So, is this puzzle is familiar? Got the logic behind it? Comment your trick.

Check the answer blow and share the puzzle!


Basically, the equation works behind this method, is; {[(Ax2) + B]/2} – A = B/2. Where A is your number you think about and B is the number I gave it to you. Whatever you think, you will get half of my number in the end with this method.

Follow this method and play with your friends and surprise them with this mind-reading puzzle trick.

Here an example: 

>Think about a number, (Suppose you think ‘A’ i.e 4)

>Now multiply it with 2, (A x 2, i.e. 4 x 2 = 8)

>Add my number 6, (Choose any number you want but make sure the number is even, because it will be easy to solve the equation.) (Here I give you my number ‘B’ which is ‘6’ for now and the equation become; i.e 8 + B >> 8 + 6= 14)

>Now divide it with 2. (i.e 14/2 = 7)

>Now, whatever you get, subtract the number you choose first, from it. (well, according to this puzzle you choose a number ‘A’ first i.e. ‘4’, so 7 – 4 = 3 )

>And now, you have your answer 3.

If you have any different method, please feel free to share with us via comments.

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Take care, Enjoy!


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