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Hello peoples, Here’s an interesting puzzle for you to boost your brain. It’s little bit tricky & logic puzzle. In this brain booster image, you’ve to replace the question mark with a number.

You have to first find the logic by seeing, rest of numbers and then, you have to replace the question mark.

Only Genius can solve this??

Let’s see, if you can solve this tricky logic table number puzzle or not? If you don’t then, no worries answer & solution is given below. Let’s start by observing and you will solve it definitely.

Which Number Replace the Question Mark?  Tricky Logic Puzzle!



Solve it??  See you in comments…

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Answer = 51


Solution :-  


it’s  4 x 3 table  (4 Row & 3 Column) 


the Logic is, First you have to……

Multiply,  “2nd ROW * 3rd ROW ”  and then Subtract, “1st ROW”

if you do the operation above’s you. You will get “it’s equal to 4th ROW”. 


( 2nd ROW * 3rd ROW) 1st ROW = 4th ROW


Like e.g :-  

First column,         (4 * 7) – 1 = 27

Second column,    (5 * 8) – 2 = 38 

Third column,       (6 * 9 ) – 3 = 51



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