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Hello Everyone, Here’s an interesting Math Puzzles for you. Can you find the Answer of this APPLE QUIZ? Apple Quiz Math Puzzles Pictures. In this Pictures, you have to find the answer of YELLOW APPLE! What’s the value of the yellow apple. 

The Answer and the Solution Given Below!

Can You Find the Answer of this APPLE Quiz Puzzle ?







SOLUTION:-  Let’s consider,  RED APPLE = a  and  YELLOW APPLE = b

 1st equation becomes,   a + a + a = b + b + 1 

after solving further it becomes,  3a = 2b + 1

2nd EQUATION,     a + 2 = b

Put 2nd equa. into 1st !!

3a = 2( a + 2) +1 

3a = 2a + 4 + 1

3a = 2a + 5

3a – 2a = 5

a = 5

Put “a” Value in 2nd EQUATION !

5 + 2 = b

b = 7

So, ANSWER = 7


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